AWS Cloud Cost Optimization Service

Applying cost-effective ways to maximize cloud usage and efficiency is a central focus for clients at Stern Devops Group. We know how to take the surprises out of cloud costs and make them manageable.

Whether you have a single account or a multi-account AWS environment, Stern Devops Group provides AWS cost optimization services by auditing, strategizing and implementing cost saving measures

We also ensure that your organization has complete visibility into your cloud spend breakdown. We have frequently saved clients up to 50% on their AWS costs within weeks of working with them.

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What our clients are saying

“Dave moved us into AWS without us even noticing. He explained our costs, benefits and options in terms that were understandable and the costs were reasonable. “

“He upgraded our server and database to handle much more traffic and scheduled backups. He also worked with our development team and created an environment where we could test new ideas. We will continue to use Dave for our websites. I have found him to be very reliable and always does more than we ask and it is done quickly.”

Ken Forman, Owner, First Choice Tickets