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The 10-Step Web Application & Cloud Security Checklist

If you run a SaaS business or mission critical software, the security of your web platform is crucial to your success. You may not, however, know the questions to ask your technical staff or outsourced providers. Knowing the answers to these questions can highlight vulnerabilities you need to address before they become a nightmare scenario. This checklist and associated recommendations are not...

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AWS for Startups (and everyone else): Optimization Factors

Startups face unique challenges from financing to user engagement to hiring and more. One of the most important but often underestimated elements is cloud infrastructure as a critical component for success. I've worked with companies in every stage of growth on their AWS environment and it's typically startups or organizations new to the cloud that can benefit the most from strong devops...

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A Quick Guide To Securing Your Digital Life

If you've heard all the latest news about stolen passwords and identity theft, you probably want to feel more secure, but you don't know where to start. This post is intended to give you a quick step-by-step guide to securing and backing up your valuable data. While this is not a comprehensive tutorial, I have added explanations to help clarify some of the suggestions. I'll link to tutorials...

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Dave Stern, President

My name is Dave Stern and I have been a developer, systems and network engineer for over 20 years and a cloud architect in AWS for almost a decade. With a wide range of experience in linux, web application architecture, automation, security and software development, I have worked with multiple venture-backed startups and large organizations alike to build and improve their cloud presence.

My company Stern Devops Group provides devops, cloud architecture, automation and security consulting primarily in AWS. Our focus is scaling platforms for massive growth, increasing developer productivity and driving infrastructure costs down.