Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

Stern Devops group

A solid continuous integration system automates builds and tests, allowing engineers to focus on creating product features and not managing code deploys.

We’ve worked with CI tools for years like AWS CodeBuild, Github Actions, Travis CI, Circle CI, Gitlab Runner and more. We can implement these solutions to increase code quality, reduce production issues and ultimately deploy a better product.

Continuous Delivery and Deployment ensure that application and configuration changes are delivered safely to your environments.

Continuous Deployment automates the release of approved changes from version control to live environments, mitigating or avoiding user-facing issues. With more than two decades of experience, we understand that proper automation and monitoring of CI/CD (continuous integration and deployment) processes keeps your applications running smoothly for customers and reducing errors for engineering teams.

What our clients are saying

“Dave Stern has an in-depth knowledge of the AWS infrastructure.”

“The number of user tools on that platform can be overwhelming in both breadth and depth, but Dave was able to identify the right tools for our needs. The other thing I really appreciate is that he’s willing to run tests and demonstrate why one solution or another is the most effective. He’s open to questions and exploring options in order to ensure our confidence in his process.”
CTO, Financial Services Firm