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Meet Dave Stern
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Meet Dave Stern: the founder, president, and Senior Solutions Architect of Stern Devops Group.

Dave Stern is a fractional CTO and devops engineering consultant with over 25 years of experience in systems and software engineering. He is also the author of Hackproof Your Startup, an actionable cybersecurity guide for founders and tech leads.

Having spent his career working with dozens of startups – first as team member, then manager, then advisor – Dave has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by early-stage companies at all levels of the organization.

This perspective is the foundation for Stern Devops Group’s unique approach. By empowering engineering teams to be more productive, efficient, and secure, Dave has delivered tangible business outcomes through improved scalability, security, cost optimization, and automation.

Markus Gulden, Director of Engineering

Markus, our Director of Engineering, brings a robust portfolio of over fifteen years in IT consulting, having spearheaded projects across a variety of industries. His expertise is particularly strong in cloud environments, with a special focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and security in the cloud. Markus’ background includes significant roles as a business analyst, project manager, developer, cloud architect, and DevOps engineer.

At Stern Devops Group, Markus has successfully managed the deployment and migration of several large-scale client environments. He is operationally responsible for overseeing the company’s cloud and DevOps projects, ensuring they align seamlessly with strategic business goals. Under his leadership, our engineering team strives to deliver superior DevOps solutions that perfectly balance client needs with technological advancements.

Markus Gulden, Director of Engineering at Stern Devops Group

Our Process

Every AWS project starts with discovery. In order to enable your business with the best possible cloud architecture, we will assess where you are, the challenges you face, your business constraints and your long-term goals.

From there, we recommend best-practice solutions that allow you to make business decisions about your infrastructure based on your unique situation.

Once we agree, as a team, on what we want to achieve, we map out a gameplan to get there.

Our strongest asset is our ability to execute—and seamlessly build and migrate your systems to their next evolution while training your team and supporting them from start to finish and beyond.

What our clients are saying
“Dave recently helped Tinybop with a major site migration on an extremely tight timeline.”

“The site had a lot of technical debt and there were many unknowns for us as a company, and Dave’s confidence and thoroughness throughout the project were extremely reassuring.

At all points in the project, he was extremely communicative and thorough, as he provided weekly progress updates, ensured that we knew what to expect and that we were fully aware of any risks or open questions.

Dave’s thoughtfulness about his work is evident, and extends to even the tiniest of details. We expressed the importance of ongoing costs being within budget, and Dave took these priorities very seriously resulting in our costs being under budget.”

Youngna Park, COO, Tinybop

What our clients are saying
“Dave’s knowledge of AWS is ridiculous and he’s a great communicator.”

“He quickly became an invaluable member of DealStat’s small team during our engagement together, which included helping architect our web application, optimize security and processing time, and automate deployments.

He took the time to understand our business priorities, and brought a practical approach to helping DealStat choose and implement the right technologies. He was hands-on and by our side until everything worked smoothly.

It’s clear that Dave enjoyed working through the complex challenges that came with our project, and it showed through in the outcome. His involvement was a total game-changer for the quality of DealStat’s application.”

Steve Regan, Founder, DealStat

What our clients are saying
“Our ticket business is in a very competitive market and our website has to be responsive and reliable or our customers will go somewhere else quickly.”

“We were running the busiest site on a single server and worried about losing sales if the site went down or we got too much traffic during busy event months.

Dave moved us into AWS without us even noticing. He upgraded our server and database to handle much more traffic and scheduled backups. He also worked with our development team and created an environment where we could test new ideas. The site works excellent now and finally looks and works well on all mobile devices.

We will continue to use Dave for our websites. He explained our costs, benefits and options in terms that were understandable and the costs were reasonable. I have found him to be very reliable and always does more than we ask and it is done quickly.”

Ken Forman, Owner, First Choice Tickets

What our clients are saying
“Dave Stern has an in-depth knowledge of the AWS infrastructure.”

“The number of user tools on that platform can be overwhelming in both breadth and depth, but Dave was able to identify the right tools for our needs. The other thing I really appreciate is that he’s willing to run tests and demonstrate why one solution or another is the most effective. He’s open to questions and exploring options in order to ensure our confidence in his process.”

CTO, Financial Services Firm



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