Hackproof Your Startup
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Secure your business with real-world, effective cybersecurity strategies designed for the unique challenges of busy founders and tech leads.

As a leader, you understand the importance of safeguarding your company’s digital assets. Hackproof Your Startup offers practical strategies and easy-to-understand tips for immediate and lasting impact. Learn best practices and key concepts to secure your startup’s future, supported by actual examples and detailed diagrams.

Protect Your Business Right Now.

Hackproof Your Startup is an essential resource, crafted specifically for early stage companies. From threat detection to incident response, Hackproof Your Startup provides time-tested action items and effective solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by startups. Gain peace of mind knowing your cloud architecture and data systems are protected while you focus on driving your startup forward.

Hackproof Your Startup isn’t just another cybersecurity book — it’s a roadmap to growing your business safely.

Hackproof Your Startup delivers an indispensable guide for entrepreneurs navigating the complex world of cybersecurity.each chapter is packed with actionable insights and practical advice. The emphasis on proactive defense strategies and the clear, step-by-step action items make this book a must-read for any startup founder serious about safeguarding their business. Highly recommended!

Micah Martin
Director, Solution Architecture – Harness