DevOps Services for Startups

At Stern Devops Group, we are technical experts. But we’re also much more than that. We understand the dynamic nature of startups and the unique challenges they face. That’s why we’ve meticulously crafted our approach to help you increase ROI, improve product innovation, and grow your business.

How startups benefit from DevOps services

Does your development team spend more time on manual deployments than product innovation? Do you experience a high amount of downtime or frequent deployment failures? Do security concerns keep you up at night? If so, your startup could likely benefit from a DevOps consulting services.

Improve reliability

Minimize risk

Optimize costs

Accelerate time to market

Increase innovation

Plan for the future

Scale seamlessly

What our clients are saying

“Thanks to Stern Devops Group, we have stability and happy customers.”

“We were able to conduct a full audit of our technical stack, and for the first time in a long time, felt like we had the truth about where things stood, where we were at risk, and options to proceed for the near-term and long-term. Our trust has never eroded and has only grown stronger with time.”

– Mike Murphy, CTO, ProctorFree

Our approach


We tailor our DevOps solutions to fit the agile and evolving nature of startups, focusing on rapid iteration, scalability, and efficiency.

Beyond best practices

No one-size-fits-all approach here. We analyze your unique challenges, goals, and growth trajectory to design bespoke DevOps strategies that drive results.


Our focus is on delivering tangible results, whether it’s faster time to market, improved scalability, cost optimization, or enhanced reliability.

How it works

We start every DevOps partnership with discovery. In order to empower your startup with the best possible cloud architecture, we will assess where you are, the challenges you face, your business constraints and your long-term goals.

From there, we recommend best-practice solutions that allow you to make business decisions about your infrastructure based on your unique situation. Once we agree, as a team, on what we want to achieve, we map out a gameplan to get there.

Our strongest asset is our ability to execute—and seamlessly build and migrate your systems to their next evolution while training your team and supporting them from start to finish and beyond.

Case study: From managing infrastructure to building new features.

Ollie is on a mission to improve the lives of pets everywhere through better nutrition. But when we first met them, developer time was spent manually deploying to servers and pushing code, rather than on product innovation. We helped launch a fully automated CI/CD pipeline to free up the time for business-driving initiatives rather than manual processes.

DevOps for Startups FAQs

What is DevOps?
DevOps is a model that enables development teams to function more efficiently and effectively. To achieve this end, the DevOps model typically combines processes, tools, and cultural shifts to break down siloes between the development and operations teams.
Do startups need DevOps?
DevOps isn’t absolutely necessary for startups to function, but it is a critical foundation for long-term growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction. While it does require an initial investment and cultural shift, for many startups, the value gained far surpasses the investment.
How much do startup DevOps services cost?
Costs for DevOps services range widely depending on a project or scope’s complexity, the size of the startup’s infrastructure, team training/support, and other factors. We’re happy to talk with you about your specific needs and challenges and give you more information about a potential investment.